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Lil Skies


[Intro: Lil Skies]
Put the money in the bag!
Yeah, yeah, ooh, goofed out
Yeah, ooh, damn, damn
Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt

[Verse 1: Lil Skies]
Sippin' on this double cup, moving like a tortoise (whoa)
All my b*tches f*ck me good, I swear her pus*y gorgeous (okay)
Rollin' dope, got the shooters in the black Explorer (how?)
She on a mission, I don't trust her, b*tch's look like Dora (oh no)
I'm on a flight, met the plug, he was by the border (the border)
You say you need it, come and get it, yeah I got your order
I bought my b*tch a Louis bag, this n*gga can't afford it (he can't)
Ooh he flexin' in this b*tch, I know you want to join us
Nah, ayy, know he wan't to join us
Yeah, know she can't afford it (she can't, no)
Uh, yeah, know my b*tch is gorgeous (she is)
Yeah, way, yeah my b*tch important

[Verse 2: Rari]
b*tch ridin' Skies, hit ya with drive-bys
She get no replies, she hit my phone like "why?"
"Why you never call?", b*tch I'm in the mall
I feel like Lonzo Ball, yes she wan't it all
And I got my mula, had to get my cake up
And I got your b*tch, I tell her do her makeup
Then we hit the strip, boy she hella thick
She all up on the tip, I swear I love her lips
Ayy, I swear I love her lips
Whoa, she all up on the tip
Damn, whoa, yeah she on the tip
Whoa, yeah, yeah, she love this sh*t

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