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Lil Skies

"Money Trees"

Part I: Money Trees Remix

Me and my n*ggas stayin' hungry, ya bish, ya bish
Out here workin' for our money, you b*tch, you b*tch
n*ggas prayin' I fall off, ya wish, ya wish
Gettin' full off success, no dish, no dish

I want gold models with gold bottles
Two fast cars at full throttle to drive me through my fantasies, uh
I need good rhymes, no dried lines
And 30 cups of red wine to understand my destiny
See me I'm floatin' in the ocean
Never coastin', they can't hold him
Fast life in the slow lane
Running'through the bread so fast they say I'm loafin'
Came up from the bottom
Young kids, we didn't really even have no options
Now thots be thottin' and all of you foo foo n*ggas plottin'
Came up from a came up
Lil Skies done changed up
But I'm still on the same team
Doin' things y'all afraid of
I-I've been workin' hard, but I'm still learnin'
I-I don't get no sleep, now my head hurtin'

We tryna get it, ya bish, ya bish
Out here workin' for my team, ya dig? Ya dig?
n*ggas hatin' 'cause Lil Skies
I be grindin' and I'm just not like you other guys

Ya bish, ya bish, ya bish
And we go, and we go
16 16's n*gga

Part II: All of My Remix

Look, okay I'm all about my peso, n*gga who are you?
Always gotta hustle so I watch where I move
The bills past due, the money on the table
We couldn't pay for cable, now all my n*ggas stable
I used to sell shoes, I used to sell hats
I tried to make that come up, but never ever trapped
These n*ggas straight wack so I can't trust 'em
Turn a good girl bad, had to adjust 'em
Money, power, fashion, my only motivation
n*ggas tryna test me, deep down they hatin'
People quick to judge me, somethin' like I'm Satan
I've been at the bottom but I'm patiently awaitin'
To smash you n*gga, I'ma n*gga trash you n*gga
You be rappin' like you nice, boy you ass, my n*gga
Ask around boy, they tell you Lil Skies that n*gga
I been grindin' too hard to come in last my n*gga
So I go, spittin' rhymes, they dope
Levitate and I flow
Greatness they know
I'm a prodigy
Probably rocking everybody in the crowd
And I'm known to be wild so I'ma be here for a while
Chambersburg born legend
I'm bringin' n*ggas down like 9/11
And my verses pop off like MAC-11s

Uh, and it's love
Uh, shout out to P.A
Here we go
Team watch me win
I feel like 50 man
16 16's in 16 days
Yeah, uh-huh

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