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Lil Skies


[Intro: Lil Skies]

[Verse: Skies & Lil Skies]
Nobody iller who's spitting off in this crib since ten year
Shoutout my nillas who getting money from doing ventures
Nobody better, bet cheddar on us, you'll win forever
And that's for ever and ever, ever your case was clever
Oh no, hell yeah, best believe I'm right
Pay attention to the name the way I press the mic
Go harder than harder, harder than harder, hard (yeah)
Trust and believe that you see it, your boys done beat the odds (uh)
Man, that's how we living, making good decisions
So the devil doesn't get us, so we working hard to get it
In this game for forever
Nah, to me it's nothing but a scrimmage
Magnify my life
Now I'm blowed up in the image
(yeah, uh)
Old head, on code red, they all dead
Son these little guys like Joe Jack to the Jack 5
All eyes on me, myself and I
What better combination
Like Mayweather in his prime (yeah, uh)
And that's just how we feel, to keep it real
Redefine print before we sign a major deal
It takes skills, so we work hard, and never chill
My flow real, like Stacil throw me on a Foreman grill, ew
(uh, yeah)
We earn quick, y'all learn slow, like Tyson hits
So my in bison, electrifying, we writing this
We're invading the A-list on your guest list
We top notch of the top like seal team 6

[Outro: Unidentified Voice]
Father-son talk
Father-son talk
F-f-f-f-father-son talk
Father-son talk
F-f-f-f-father-son talk
F-f-f-f-father-son talk
Father-son talk
Father-son talk

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