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Evidence Lyrics

A Breukelen Story Digital Deluxe Edition (2019)

Tha Ides Of Summer (2017)

The Cutting Room Floor 3 (2013)


Wish You Were Here (2013)

Diggaz With Attitude (2012)

Native Lungs (2011)

The Update (2010)

The Alchemist Cookbook (2008)

Cry Now L.A.F. Later (2007)

Deep Hearted (2007)

Red Tape Instrumentals (2007)

The Weatherman LP (2007)

Soldiers of Fortune (2006)

The Medicine (2006)

S.P.I.T. (Spiritual Poetry Ignites Thought) (2005)

The Lyrics Born Variety Show Season One (2005)

The Grand Opening (2004)

The Weight (2002)

Worst Comes To Worst / Target Practice (2001)

In 12's We Trust (2000)


Eastern Conference All Stars (1998)

The World Famous Beat Junkies Vol. 2 (1998)

Time Waits For No Man (1998)

10.6.3 OGX

After the Fact

C & U Music Factory

Eastern Conference All Stars II

Edible Craftz

Leave My Name Out

Rimes et Bourbon


The Layover Mixtape (with DJ Skee)

Vodka & Ayahuasca

Other Songs

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