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B.B. King Lyrics

The Absolute Masterpieces (2014)

Bluer Than Blue (2005)

B.B. King (feat. Riley B. King) (2004)

As Filhas da Mãe (2001)

Riding With the King (2000)

It's Only Rock N Roll single (1999)

The Revue Collection (1996)

Kansas City 1972 (1995)

Heart to Heart (1994)

"Rock Me Baby" (1993)

Forever Gold (1993)

The King of the Blues (1993)

Spotlight On Lucille (1992)

Yakety Yak - Take It Back (1991)

King of the Blues Guitar (1990)

B.B. Boogie (1989)

The Gift (1988)

Into the Night (Music From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1985)

There Must Be a Better World Somewhere (1981)

Back in the Alley (1980)

To Know You Is to Love You (1973)

L.A Midnight (1972)

Easy Listening Blues (1962)

The Great B.B. King (1960)

All Over Again

B.B. king and Friends - Best

Into the Night

Sweet Little Angel

Other Songs

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