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Aretha Franklin Lyrics

A Woman Falling Out of Love (2011)

Aretha: A Woman Falling Out Of Love (2011)

Black Star Aretha (2011)

Jumping the Broom (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2011)

Tiny Sparrow: The Bobby Scott Sessions (2011)

Project A (2009)

Jewels in the Crown: All-Star Duets With the Queen (2007)

Music City Soul (2007)

Pride (Original Film Soundtrack) (2007)

Two Classic Albums From Aretha Franklin: The Tender, the Moving, the Swinging / Soft and Beautiful (2004)

Deep End (1999)

A Bit of Soul (1996)

Penny Ford (1993)

The Best of Aretha Franklin (1984)

You'll Never Know (1980)

Almighty Fire (1978)

Sweet Passion (1977)

Once in a Lifetime (1969)

Soft and Beautiful (1969)

Soul Limbo (1968)

Take It Like You Give It (1967)

Laughing On The Outside (1963)

One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism


The Heart of the Man

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