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​The D.O.C. Lyrics

2 Piece Tape (2016)

By Any Means (Reloaded) (2014)

Dois Contra o Mundo (2014)

Affiliated (2008)

The Best Of N.W.A: The Strength Of Street Knowledge (2006)

Madden NFL 2005 Soundtrack (2004)

Straight Outta Compton: N.W.A 10th Anniversary Tribute (1998)

First Round Knock Out (1996)

Things in tha Hood (1994)

The New Breed (1993)

Niggaz4Life (1991)

100 Miles and Runnin' - Single (1990)

Mind Blowin' (Single) (1989)

The D.O.C & The Doctor (1989)

The Formula (1989)

Tuffest Man Alive (1988)

D E E P in NY

D E E P in NY

D.O.C Agenda


Legacy (Cold 187um)

Muzical Madness

Other Songs

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