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Swizz Beatz Lyrics

Beauty and the Beatz (2019)

Born To Rap (2019)

Legends of the Summer (2018)


No Stylist (2018)

Spotify Singles (2018)

Tank God (2018)

The Beginning... (2018)

The Kidrasil Journey (2018)

Untitled 2018 Album (2018)

#KehDiToKehDi (2016)

G.G.O. Patriot Act (Mixtape) (2016)

"We Are Here" (Single) (2014)

Dont Shoot - Single (2014)

Fit of the day (2013)

The Alternative (2013)

NBA 2K13 Soundtrack (2012)

Past, Present, Future (2012)

Ruff Ryders: Past, Present, Future (2011)

Empire State of Mind, Pt. 2 - Single (2010)

We Are The World (2010)

Tha Propellar 2 Mixtape (2009)

Teenage Love Affair (Single) (2008)

B.A.R.S.: The Barry Adrian Reese Story (2007)

Mixtape Kara Davis (2007)


The Moral of the Story (2007)

Take the Lead (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2006)

There's Something about Remy: Based on a True Story (2006)


Protect Ya Neck (2004)

Westside Story (2004)

G.H.E.T.T.O Stories (2003)

Nothing But the Freestyles (2003)

The Black Widow (2000)


Belly (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1998)

The Wood (Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture) (1998)

Diss track

DJ Green Lantern - It's Just Us and the Guns

Don't Trust Anyone 3

Exes Keys Vol. 1

God of Entertainment

Shotta Culture

Spelling Bee

The Angry Black Man Movie Soundtrack

Who Harder Than Me 2

Other Songs

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