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Kenny Turnup

"Need It"

[Hook: Kenny Turnup] (x2)
Them n*ggas got Glocks and they aiming now
You got what I need so I lay you down
I need it right now, do not play around
You be talking too much do not make a sound

[Verse 1: J $tash]
These n*ggas they watching all of my moves
I'm winning I'm winning we can never lose
These b*tches they see you know they gone choose(man these b*tches love me)
I'm screaming out money you know cash rules(MOB, MOB)
Money over b*tches man trash these hoes
I'm out here grinding trying to get this dough
A young street n*gga gotta sell that dope
I came out the hood, and ain't had no home
But I'm rich hood rich young n*gga getting money
Young n*gga getting money got a bad b*tch wanna run to me
Got b*tches f*cking with me, cause I'm hunnid
Ah he ain't say nothing, baby keep it one hundred (uh)
Just keep it one hundred, [?] Just keep it one hundred
These b*tches they love me, these hoes wanna f*ck me
They see I'm getting money [?]

[Hook: Kenny Turnup] (x2)

Holy sh*t, Relax Gang Volume One

Check it out bruh

[Hook] (x2)
Blue dream, [?] kush
Purple haze, we smoking good
Blue [?], Adderall
[?], Xannax bars

[Verse 1]
I just copped a five pack of kush, that stupid dank
Shoutout to my plug, had that sh*t shipped in a [?]
Selling all these drugs
I got kush, lean, molly [?]
I'm breaking down a pound
'Bout to bag the whole plate
Moves from outta town, trapping in and outta state
Got it all the way from the bay, straight down to the A
[?] juice man say he 'bout to roll him a eight
But I don't smoke dutches, cause I don't like how it taste
I'm counting lil' hundreds, everyday I'm at the bank
Fell in love with drug money, first time I rob me a plate
That was 2008, [?]
[?], I told that boy open the safe


[Verse 2]
Trapping till I get no mo'
I'm breaking bread up with my foes
I'm 'bout to cop a two litre
Po' some out and drop a foe
I'm riding in a two seater
f*ck that [?] two hoes
[?] yesterday
Only thing now I got these two hoes
I link 'em everyday, cause they know J got that stupid dough
[?] kush, molly, coke, fresh up off that f*cking boat
Whiter than some dove soap
[?] my wardrobe
Just like Yo' Gotti, got those packs up in my condo
Counting up racks only sh*t is them hundos
Diamonds round my neck
I'm the connect to put you on bro
Booming up that sack, cooking up crack even got [?]
[?] Broward county, 954


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