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Kenny Turnup

"The British Are Relaxed"

[Verse 1: J $tash]
Too much glory for the underdog
This rap sentence comes out [?]
I got bad women up on my balls
At these fashion shows with a bunch of stars
At the Gucci store sipping on Cristal
Me and Danny Seth buying out the bar
We don’t need sh*t but we buy the car
Got Rolex and the Audemar
I don’t need babies, lil b*tches in flavors
It’s Maison Margiela's, no almighty sweater
One thousand, two thousand, three thousand or better
My Rick Owens sneakers got black [?] leather
My swag is illegal, it’s killing you n*ggas
I dress like a Beatle, my girl’s like Aaliyah
You talking that money but we don’t believe you
I got me some good head from this girl named Piah

[Verse 2: Collard]
Vibing, your boy in the b*tch
No lie, n*gga that’s what it is
Young BG with the charge
Young Steph Curry with the swish
I be tryna get it how I live
Young Harry Kane with the hits
Young Ric Flair in this b*tch
No lie n*gga, that’s what it is
I ain’t touch rolls in a minute
With them south boys, they with it
Don’t get jumped for them gimmicks
TECs don’t come with a limit
Thank god every day for my come up
We was tryna get it how we living
Seen money turn green, that’s just fake
Seen 12 turn b*tch n*ggas crickets

[Verse 3: Danny Seth]
One verse, a hearse, and no coroners
And I [?] the boot like a tourist
Inside the b*tch like an organ
And I be your fool like the circus
Talk sh*t and quickly abort it
I’m in front of these girls like porches
And I don’t do forfeits
And the places that I hang
You can’t get in like a fortress
Want a feature, can’t afford it
Copperdales, I count enormous
So I signed to myself but my boys got my back like a [?]
All in your ear like an earring
But I still keep it underground like an earwig
Pop Adderalls so I think clearly
TBAC ‘till I depart dearly

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