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"Rise of the Machines"

I'm a caveman valentine oversaturated with rhymes
The Undergod calibrated the design
For extraordinary intrepidity and gallantry on the mic
I'ma spit like this for life
Aight, night vision goggles on, spit 'Mission Impossible' song
Microphone check, monitors on
Y'all step into the zone, in the zone there's no turning back home
Stranded alone when machines implode
This is primal instinct spit, get your spinal disc kicked
Nobody goes harder than this
Reaction beyond ration, anything can happen
Anybody rapping knows they can't go past it
The beat get bodied, trashed in plastic bone fragments
Early stages of microphone madness
Terminator telecommunications about usual statements
In conversations about who's the greatest

Rise of the machine
Keith Murray and Canibus, nah mean
The Undergods
Rise of the machine
Rise of the machine
Rise of the machine

(Keith Murray)
Bump it in your trunk
Keith Murray/Canibus burning out, what the f*ck?
Tryna prevent us from coming through is like spraying deodorant
On the Gilla House_____________
Defeating the purpose, we still gonna bump
You shaking and nervous, I see you a punk
But we don't want beef, don't hold no grudges
We're tired of dealing with cops, DEAs, lawyers and judges
Death of the terminator, new jack exterminator
Nitrous, I'll experiment on you later
Watch the road, let's travel
Avoiding the gravel, we can build and destroy whatever have you
We the dominating factor, factors flow morbid
Raging Universe put planets in orbit
Styles come from hard learning wisdom
Mean, now witness the Rise of the Machine


Picture the scene, spit a sixteen, your fingers smell like nicotine
Before you touch the controls wash your hands clean
A human being with dreams that can only be seen
By a machine with a ELREC screen
Engine engine number 8
We watch you take Hip Hop to another place
If you wanna hear the Undergods on a track
Mix it up, mix it up, mix it up
Back from the dead, hot chili pepper red
Addicted to prescription meds, looking through the world through my lens
I can rap but it's gonna take more than that
In fact, naturally it takes everything I lack
It's that monkey that I can't seem to get off my back
It's that unprovoked savage chimpanzee attack
What's a tangible way to put
Can I kill you with a frangible bullet? We'll find out when I pull it

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