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"Obey (The Statesmen)"

[Planet Asia]
Thoughts of a boss
Keep the gun stashed in the back of the Porshe
React and get lost
Lay the founding action and corpse, bones
Homie believe I murdered duke
My gats procedure of surgical slash
Cutting your seizure down to a convirtable
Money, power, respect, and honor
Nines, ninas and llamas
n*ggas with clutches, Glocks, stuches and fiending for drama
Crack in the kitchen, smacking the chicken
Attached to the riches, gats on the mission
Never catch me rapping fiction, yeah, c'mon
Cowards catch a hazard from the cannon's blazing
Face mask, fracture when the hammer raises
FC still controlling the spot
Now show what you got, and end up with a hole in your top
Get shot for your doe and your watch
Get caught, for your chain and your whip
Pit stop n*ggas aiming with clips
Hit your block, D banging with 5ths
sh*t drops, peeps, n*ggas, and kids; it gets hot

[Killah Priest]
I frighten fear, murder death, burgalize theft
You heard of my breath? It cures your flesh
I strike lightninnig, curse out thunder
Merge out from under the ground
Where hundreds of crowns of rappers I've tooken down
They're shook of the sound, that vibrate Priest
I annihilate beats, eyes dilate, you feel weak
Priest is a poet, a preacher, a painter
Preparing pictures for people who are listeners or thinkers
Build like the Incas or Mayans when I'm rhyming
The pen wills in his fingers, I make a disease sick
When I'm holding the mick, I mean mic
Sometimes I missay what I write
The pistol right, the G-Sciples, the Margarines
My rifles got unlimited magazines for rappers who blast fiend
Feel the wrath of a king, I Stained Glass my 16

[Son One]
Yo, these darts leave a grim scene
Watch the shark dive in like a swim team
I spit the science that'll blind the mind of common thinkers
Thoughts as wide as vast knowledge, you can swallow liters
Replenishing' life, a menace on mics, the sentence I write
Black out like dimming' the lights, yeah
A Killah Priest looked up at the sun/Son and said the prayer
A comet fell and Almighty landed on Planet Asia
Fans demanding' flavor, my man organized
The squad to rise before your eyes
Then slaughtered guys, the plan was major
Microphone Sinatra, playing' my position
Listen; come up missing' like the bones of Hoffa
Quiet storm, I perform till the fire's gone
If I die I'm reborn in a higher form
Starving' like I'm malnourished, I sound perfect
Say my name; they hold me high like I'm crowd surfing'
Bow worship, my style flourish
Burn grass off the ground surface, lurking where they found serpents
This magnum will stash rappers spitting half as potent leaving masters open
Now my vision's back in focus
Son live grenade, tidal wave when I strike the page
Back draft when the fire blaze

[C-Rayz Walz]
By the way, the tracks smashed when you hire Rayz
The sire stays dodging strays in these idle days
No hide and seek I am the street, the weak a hibernate
Before you sneak a peak I beat the street wit sneaker jeeps for Jakes
My divine mind rhyme shine turn ya wine to grapes
That's when my flying monkeys ride, sh*t on ya Bathing Apes
Raise stakes out the heart of vampire fakes
7:30 early surely better never than late...wait!
Almost only counts in horseshoes & hand grenades...dog
Each strand is a band of the hand the jam was made for
Cocoa butter brothers bruising bodies bust the broady banger
Aim the flamer then ya frame a do the Macarena
The wrath of Khan, pass the bong, kill switch engage
Pitching the diction from the mound, till the missions made...blaze
Maccabeez rapid squeeze act fact & breeze
Obey the Rayz, Nagasaki blaze Japanese
The chrome weaponry go/ Kihon-Tech-a-knee/ bo
Ebony eyes, brown legacy glow, yo

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