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​twenty one pilots Lyrics

Chlorine - Single (2019)

Constructive (2019)

TWP4* (2019)

Silence (2018)

The Good, The Brad, and the Emo (2018)

TPIP (Turning Passion Into Profit) (2018)

Abstract (2017)

Mashup Manifesto V (2017)

Blurryface Live (2016)

Double Sided - EP (2016)

Double Sided - EP (2016)

Holding on to You - EP (2013)

Vessel (Bonus Track Version) (2013)

Johnny Boy - EP (2009)

Blurryface Live

Fall Away (Live at The Eagles Ballroom)

From Youtube


In Hope We Trust

Next Holiday


Single (artist: twenty one pilots)

Street Poetry with Twenty One Pilots' Tyler Joseph

Street Poetry With Twenty One Pilots' Tyler Joseph

TOP Remix's/Mashup's

Twenty One Pilots/Reese's Puffs - Car Radio/Reese's Puffs Mashup

Unreleased Songs (artist: twenty one pilots)

Other Songs

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