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Charles Hamilton Lyrics

Please Listen To My Memo 3: The Scoop of Success (2018)

Tafatu (2018)

"November 10th, 2014" (2017)

@SEGA (2017)

AnalogLogicCanSaveUsFromDoom (2017)

Cleveland Sushi (2017)

Dre's Lavalamp (2017)

Electric Solstice (2017)

Falcon Phoenix (2017)

Father Gayle & The Priestly Nun (2017)

PlaylistMusic (2017)

Punkadelic (2017)

Sound 9 (2017)

StH: Boom (2017)

Tequila Sunset Poetry (2017)

The Casket Match (2017)

The Drastic (2017)

The L Word: A London Love Affair (2017)

The L Word: Off The Hook! (2017)

The L Word: Simone (2017)

The Left Turntabl (2017)

The Socratic Doomer (2017)

Turn First Sessions (2017)

Unintervention (2017)

Unsolved Mysteries (2017)

Wednesdays with Steve Jobs (2017)

Windexable (2017)

Zombie Apocalypse (2017)

A Bad Representation of Ugly (2016)

Blankets in Hell (2016)

Chronometry (2016)

Feel The Reaper (2016)

Homegrown Memories (2016)

I Hate Trouble (2016)

Iconoclast (2016)

Kill the Reaper (2016)

Life From Time Square (2016)

Merlin's Miraclez (2016)

MoreMagick (2016)

Pet the Scorpion (2016)

Planet of the Grapes (2016)

Please Listen To My Memo (2016)

SEGA Goes to Hell (2016)

Sonic the Hamilton 3: Entitlement (2016)

StH: Chaos vs. Knuckles (2016)

StH: The Rize of KnuckLES (2016)

Up To Par (2016)

When Razor Met Wrist (2016)

Bug Out. (2015)

Nap. (2015)

The Black Box - EP (2015)

African Child Pornography (2014)

Antithesis (2014)

Forbidden Sunday (2014)

Man of the House (2014)

The Evil Microchip (2014)

Vampire Sunlight (2014)

And Then They Played Dilla 3: Life Sentence (2013)

Apocalyptic Rebellion (2013)

Autumn Holocaust (2013)

Catholic Illuminati: Papal Infallibility (2013)


Catholic Illuminati: v2k12 (2013)

Death and the Downs (2013)

Happy 9th Birthday! Pt. 3: Nicki Minaj Goes To London (2013)

Last Train To London: The Album (2013)

The End of Charles Hamilton (2013)

The Mind of Charles Hamilton (2013)

The Soul Of Charles Hamilton (2013)

...As a Street Rat (2012)


ATNPM (After Them Niggas Played Madlib) (2012)

Coke Whore Habits (2012)

Happy 9th Birthday 2: Cruel Halloween OST (2012)

Ill Doesn't Meen Classic (2012)

LoadItCockItAimItBaby (2012)

StH4: Shadow The Hamilton (2012)

StHRezzurexion (2012)

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (2011)

Excellence of Execution: The Pink and Black Attack (2011)

Happy 9th Birthday (2011)

The Power Of Illumination (2011)

The UP (2011)

For Your Locker (2010)

From The Desk Of (2010)


Mic Check (The L Word 3) (2010)


reIntervention (2010)

Starchaser Radio 2 (2010)

T.A.F.I.E.T.U. (The Album For Interscope Executives To Understand) (2010)

The Blue Lavalamp: M/A/T/E (Mirrors Are The Enemy) (2010)

The L Word II: Lust and Love (INcomplete) (2010)

This Perfect 3-Song Mixtape (2010)

Well This Isn't Akward (2010)

Well This Isn't Awkward (Winner Takes All) (2010)

First Order of Business (2009)

Fluorescent EP (2009)

Shut Up Already!!! (2009)

The Dead Zone (2009)

American Gangster V2.0: Where Is Charles Hamilton? (2008)


A Stolen Thank You




Sounds of the Lavalamp, Vol. 1

The Broken Rearview

The Lavalamp Zone

The Loft Boys LP 2

Unchained: The Calm Before the Storm

Other Songs

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