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Royce da 5'9'' Lyrics

Rosebudd Infantry: The Marcberg Files (2019)

Forever M.C. (2018)

Glass House (2018)

La Honda (2018)

No Parachute (2018)

The Achievement: Deluxe (2018)

Dream Filthy (2017)

Mass Ave & Lenox (2017)

Snapbacks and Backpacks (2017)

Connect (2016)

Floetry in Motion (2016)

Lyrical Hip-Hop is Dead (2016)

NBA 2K17: Park After Dark - DJ Premier (2016)

Lost Files (2015)

PRhyme Instrumentals (2015)

Soul Killa (2015)

Stuff In My Backpack (2015)


The Bar Exam Series (2015)

The Fly 3 (2015)

The Urban Hitchcock LP (2015)

Timing Is Everything (2014)

Sick Em, Vol. 3: I'm Alive! (2013)

Awaken (2012)

Blaque Out! (iTunes edition) (2011)

I Found My Backpack 2: The Lost Notebook (2011)

Sick Em, Vol. 2: Bar 4 Bar (2011)

Circle of Bosses (2009)

Picture That: The Negative (2008)

The Raw Sessions, Vol. 1 (2006)

Defending The Crown Part 2 - Kiss The Ring (2004)

Build & Destroy: The Lost Sessions (2003)

What A Girl Wants (Music From & Inspired By The Motion Picture) (2003)

Direkt neben dir (2002)

Essential Underground Hip Hop 1 (2002)

Game Tight - The Very Best of Game Recordings (2002)

Grand Theft Auto III Soundtrack (2001)

Nuttin' to Do / Scary Movies (1999)

Beats for Insomniacs (1998)

Tracks From The Slim Shady EP (1997)

Bad Meets Evil 2*

BET Shady 2.0 Cypher

Dreamers & Thinkers

Freestyle 102

Funk Flex Freestyles

LAF (Remix) – Single

More Than Music



Psalm 82:6

Room 39

The Resume

The Strategy


Welcome to Shitsville

Your Favorite Rapper's Favorite Producer

Other Songs

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