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Rivers Cuomo Lyrics

Gucci Rock N Rolla - Single (2019)

Happy Hour (The Remixes) - EP (2018)

Spotify Singles (2018)

Two Broken Hearts (2018)

Old Stuff :) (2017)

Thin (B-Sides) (2017)

Fake Smiles and Nervous Laughter / You Gave Your Love to Me Softly (2016)

Everybody Needs Salvation - Single (2015)

スコット と リバース (Scott & Rivers) (2013)

HOMiE - Volume 1 (2009)

Random Covers, Vol​.​1 (2009)

Friends Of P - Tribute To The Rentals (2008)

Aquamarine: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack (2006)

The End of Imagining (2003)

A Punk Tribute To Weezer (2002)

The Christmas CD (2000)

Mallrats [Original Soundtrack] (1995)

California Snow

UK Retail CD #1

UK Retail CD #2

Other Songs

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