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Body Count

"The End Game"

The End Game mother f*cker get your sh*t tight, sh*t right
Listen it's a mission to keep us in the dark
Keep us apart, keep us throwing poisonous darts
Enter the black room, cash rules everything son
Nobody's your friend fool go for your guns
Trust no one, money buys souls and lives
Brothers and wives, alibis, many will die
f*cking with the quick to get you n*ggas
Demons form hell!

They're rooms are oval, they're game global
They make pawns of men
I the name of god they keep us apart
I don't know about you but I don't hate as much as they do
I'm just trying to live and sh*t
Mother f*ckers best prey that they don't blow us all away
The power hungry fools on the hill
Before they lose they'll push the f*cking button, explode the air!
Winter and black rain, they play the End Game
Mother f*ckers take what they can take
Mother f*cking snakes
They stole this land we live on and kill to keep
We're just lambs here waiting for the blood bath baby
Hitman army, Hitman Navy
Moved by the wicked had of money not love
No one knows the secrets, it's an evil mix man
Catch your breath prey for death, it's the only truth left

I ain't never done sh*t to your country of fam
Don't want your oil man, don't want your land
The people that your beefin with are not my friends
They hate me too, and they want me to hate you
It's the evilest of mixes keep the people twisted
Power mongers on earth, they trade life for dirt
It ain't the people of this planet, it's the kings and their courts
And they do what they gotta do cause murders their sport


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