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Body Count

"Necessary Evil"

Necessary evil

[Verse 1]
Look outside my window
I still see a f*cked up world
Waking up to helicopter and car alarms
Does this happen where you live?
Gunshots sound in my my mind
I don't flinch anymore
When I see n*ggas in my hood
They're holdin' their di*ks tight

[Verse 2]
Yo, f*ck my landlord
I'm a step away from clearing this shotgun
To erase the problem
Does this happen where you live?
Just had steak and lobster last night
Now I gotta rob a liquor store
But it seems so normal
Because it's necessary evil

Car hit my dog, babies die, raped in a
Stairwell, cop killed a little girl
Armed robbery, shooter of a drive-by
Smokin' cain, sellin' joints in jr High
Head from a minor, sex with animals
Butthole surfers, a f*cked up rehearsal
Lost pawn ticket, wrecked my father's car
Can't pay my school loan, major jack move
Holy underwear, Stuck in the pen
Forced in a gang, plain, wrapped food
f*cked up presidents, sleepin' through trash day
Hit a police car, gettin' laid off, gotta pay
Taxes, gridlock traffic
Jealous muthaf*ckas, b*tch tried to do me
Hit and run, I got a fat b*tch pregnant!
Necessary evil

[Verse 3]
Little white kid with a kool-aid smile
Training wheels on his bike thought they called me a n*gga
Pushed that little bast*rd in traffic so graphic
He was holdin' his bike tight
He was a victim of f*cked up explaining
An american example of f*cked training
When the f*ckin' bus connected, he flew like Knievel
I was just necessary evil


Necessary evil

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