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Body Count

"Bowels of the Devil"

[Verse 1]
Out one night, yo, just chillin' out with my crew
We were actin' wild
'cause I didn't have nothin' else better to do
Got a nine at my waist
Stay out my f*ckin' face
You f*ck with me
Right here'll be your resting place
Some ol' sucker, yo, he tried to put a move on me
I shot him in the face
Murder, in the first degree
Now I'm sweatin', regrettin'
That's not for me
They got me locked in the f*ckin' penitentiary

Bowels of the devil
Let me tell you what the motherf*cker eats
Its stomach's filled with lost souls
Guts made out of steel and concrete
Bowels of the devil
Listen close, 'cause I've been there before
And you don't wanna die there
They call it goin' out the back door
The back door, the back door, the back door

[Verse 2]
Walked in the club all the ho's gave me the sex look
They like a n*gga like me 'cause I'm a known crook
And my posse's down, we don't mess around
You f*ck with us
You'll be six feet underground
That night they got me locked in a row called death
The governor, that motherf*cker wants my last breath
That's right, homeboy wanted to pull a switch on me
Up here in this f*ckin' penitentiary


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