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Body Count


[?] Mass Murder
Let the Bodies, bloodshed
[?] the brain
[?] the drain
[?] Victims unit
On the corner - Manslaughter

Once upon a time
Man had to stand by his word and every thing he said
Once upon a time
Motherf*cker disrespect you he'd wind up dead
Motherf*cker's got the game twisted
Snitching f*cking b*tches
No more honor, no respect
What does manhood mean?

Manslaughter, manhood's dead
Manslaughter, manhood's dead

Motherf*ckers way out of pocket
Been getting a f*cking pass
You don’t hear me though, 'till you feel that shotgun blast

I might not wear no mask
I might just let you see me
You punks is out of order
It’s time for manslaughter
Manslaughter, manhood's dead
Manslaughter, manhood’s dead

Sometimes I sit back and I think
I think about what manhood use to mean
How men had to stand for something
Man like my father, real men
Men had to be 'bout something
Men had to give a f*ck
Men had to power through it
A man just can't give up
Steel sharpens steel
Weak's a deadly disease
If you don't stand for sh*t
Then b*tch get on your knees

I will not lose
I will not lose

So what's the problem yo
Every man is turning b*tch
How would I solve it yo?
Duct tape and a shallow ditch
Man's an endangered species
This sh*t is getting soft
Slip up in a foreign country
And get you head cut off

Manslaughter, manhood's dead

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