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"Don't Get Involved"

(Slayer - Talking)
Yo, Shifty
Things are getting real out here ya know
It's not even a joke no more
People getting bussed like every two minutes
Let me tell them my story anyway
Check it out

(Verse 1 - Slayer)
Listen up, check my predicament
In one hand I've got my boys and my beef
In the other hand I've got my wife and my music
And now it's all getting out of my hands cause
If they try mess with my team bro Sphinx or
If they try roll on my homeboy Cans
Man will put on the bally, jump in a hot rod
Go to your ends and let the shots bang
But really you know that's not me
I ain't a gangster, i'm a MC
I'm just trying to keep myself to me
But daft things on the road keep holding me back
So I go to my wifey and stay on track
Stay positive and write a new track
But every time I move one step forward
It's like i'm taking two steps back
Believe, you gotta work extra harder
Just so that you don't fall in a trap
Once you fall in there ain't no coming back
So I suggest you stay away from straps
If you got caught in a life like that
Then your Mum and Dad are gonna say night night fast
Have a goal, have a life times cash
Stop the war put down your knifes and mask
Or quick flash, your life might end in a bang
It's plain and simple don't pen with a gang
Do what I do put a pen in your hand
Before you get left, dead on the land
Understand this ain't a game it's stress
I don't want the beat to stop in my chest
And the same goes for my team bro's too
Cause my mum don't wanna lose Dayle or Steph

(Coldplay sample)

(Shifty - Talking)
Slay I know how you feel
I'm in the same position as you
My Mum's just arguing with me every two minutes
Saying the roads is dangerous nuh nuh nuh
We're only babies, I don't wanna get killed
No one wants to get killed
Just have to stay away from all that
Cause once you're involved, there's no coming back
Everybody knows that, we've just gotta keep our heads screwed on
Music's the only way outta here Slay
So let's do it!

(Verse 2 - Shifty)
I don't wanna get involved in this, I just wanna try solving this
But the problem is i'm scared, that my Mum is gonna lose her youngest kid
We need to stop this dumbness quick, before somebody dies from the guns and sh*t
But the thing is man have got too much pride
To admit that this ain't being fun and quit
There's kids in high school rolling with guns
Now it hurts me it's making my stomach sick
Little kids getting bussed out on road
And actually one sec does your Mum know this
Just trying to rep your ends, well your gonna end up at court or at funerals
Why don't you rep your ends properly and get involved in sport or music
Cause once you're holding a gun, then rah your'e known as a thug
And you know when the beef arrives
The guys that you roll with are gonna hope that your bust
It's funny how times change, it's not funny but lifes strange
Last year, you could walk anywhere you want
Now you've gotta watch yourself when you're going on a bus
I'm not saying be a sh*t head but why don't you just fight don't wig heads
You'll end up in pen with a big stretch
Come out on the same tip just a bit hench
All's i'm saying is think about it
Does your Mum wanna live without kids?
My Mum don't she cares
She's already told me she can't live without Shifts

(Shifty & Slayer & Remdog- Talking)
Slay do you think this track will change anything in Manchester?
Nah, guy's are going on too hot, beefing and that
Nar, I know but your verse just brought it back
Yo, you man on what, you man on what? What's going on?
f*ck all we just did a track for the City Of Bars mixtape about don't get involved
Why what are you saying?
Nuttin, nuttin, nuttin, couple guys bucked on man the other day still i'm looking to hit their estate and just roll on them innit
What you man on you looking to roll?
Low that, low that
What you man not on it?
I'll check you in heaven...

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