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"Haunting the Chapel"

[Verse 1]
The holy cross, symbol of lies
Intimidate the lives of Christian born
Speak of death, the words of hate
Anticipation grows amongst the dead
Hell has seen the priests attempt
To bring forth their lord of the cross
Strike of twelve, raise the dead
The chapel comes under attack

[Verse 2]
The ghosts of sin torment the priests
Their altar will soon be destroyed
Heaven's palace turning black
The church now belongs to the dead
Blackened magic infest with lust
Lucifer rules supreme
The crystal ball shows unknown fate
The last thing that's heard is the screams

Ghosts from hell invade this feeble shrine
Heaven's holy house will fall in time
Satan's morbid soldiers chant in lust
Destruction of the church we'll burn the cross
Attacking angels as they pray to god
Tormented preachers hail the twisted cross
Haunting the chapel hell's demons prevail
Death has come, the house of god has failed

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