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"World Painted Blood"

[Verse 1]
Disease spreading death
Entire population dies
Dead before you're born
Massive suicide
Vicious game of fear
It's all extermination now
Poison in your veins
Global genocide
Slaughter governs law
The apocalypse begins
Pain becomes the norm
Seeking homicide
Beware the comming storm
That starts illuminating fires
God is laughing hard
Man has gone insane

[Hook (2x)]
World painted blood
No sanctuary

[Verse 2]
Tip the human scale
Follow revelations plan
It must come to pass
Secret shadow lies
Blueprint haunting dream
In which manipulation wins
Speak no hidden fears
Religion neutralized
Emerged from the dark
Sadist mercenary ride
Realm not of this world
Godless messengers
Sickless, mindless hate
Becomes evolutions cure
Planets usher in
Alignment God has died

[Hook (2x)]

[Verse 3]
God Send death, watch it bleed, justified
Manufactured lives born in hell
Angels fall, wings on fire, crucified
Terrorizing man, burn the world
Reflecting eyes, sickle swings, wave of blood
Suicidal mind from the start
Endless pain, open wounds, slit the throat
Radiation child seels the throne

[Verse 4]
Strafing down demigods certain death
Coming from the stars, lord of all
Dark rift rise, flourish life, perish man
We destroy ourselves, cease to live
Children's blood feed the dead of sea of flesh
Catastrophic fall rest in hell
Flaming corpse, screaming eyes, watch it die
Walk among the dead, pick your grave

[Lead guitar: Hanneman]

[Hook 2 (4x)]
Like a disease spreading death
Erasing your existence

[Verse 5]
Satan's hand begins the end
And frees the world forever
Gomorrah's dream to live in sin
Has reached its critical mass
Man himself has become God
And laughs at his destruction
In which we trust a secret government
Is now in total collapse

[Revisit Verse 1]

[Hook (2x)]

[Hook 3 (3x)]
Signs of disease, rivers red, blood in ice, plague

Welcoming our death

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