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"Cashing Out Freestyle"

Team Billion 2012
Live Out sh*t!
Hold Up!
Hold Up!

[Verse 1: Iceberg]
Still stunting
Riding 'Round with that steel on me
Rozay kinda upped the stock, now the streets wanna know when that deal coming
Oh yeah i heard, these n*ggas really can't f*ck with berg
They don't want me in they b*tch bed, writing raps, puffin purp
Don't step to me about no hoe homie
'Cuz I'll have your ass so lonely
Going down my timeline when she f*cked about 4 of my zoe homies
Ahh straight [?]
I don't play with racks and that's evident
My b*tches bad cuz my game more serious than a death threat to the president
I often menage with the best of friends
And get the experience of best of tricks
I worked they ass like mexicans
Then sub tweet about the good head i get
Hold up I'm cashing out
When I hit the club don't pat me down
'Cuz you already know what I'm on and when sh*t go wrong I snap and go to spazzing out
Like f*ck the haters
'Nuff said
They talk about everything but bread
And even if they didn't sh*t they'll get they broke ass upset
I f*ck with real n*ggas
And bad b*tches
When we come together it's bad business
So cross that line and spoil our good time I'm guaranteed to have yo ass missing
I got some young n*ggas who run up on n*ggas and hit they ass for a rack
So leave me alone n*gga for you get caught slipping get your silly ass wacked
& that's that
Team Billion hoe we in gear
So f*ck what you heard 2012 gon be one good ass year
We cashing out!

36 O's so riding round with that nina
Riding with a ho named Keisha, smoking on Keisha
My diamonds talk for me they say "Hi, can I meet you"
G5, how high in the sky, ho I can't see you
Got a condo on my wrist girl, I'm cashing out
Got a condo around my neck girl, I'm cashing out
36 O's so I'm riding round with that nina
My diamonds talk for me they say "Hi, can I meet you"

[Verse 2: Cash Out]
I got Versace all on my back
These hoes all on my back
Plus these plugs all on my back
Cause they know I'm moving that pack
These Louies all in my face
Four-fifths stay up on my waist
Plus it ain't on me for nothing so please don't make me catch a case
Cause b*tch I'm 'bout it
Me walking round with no check on me, psshh
Yeah I doubt it
Your girl ain't finna leave with me, psshh
Yeah I doubt it
And I'm like, what the hell they talking 'bout
And if I got it I bought it, cause boy you know I'm cashing out


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