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"Real Spill Challenge"

It’s Lil Mucci on da beat
First track on the Big 15
Real Spill Challenge (Aye Let’s Get It)
I got this pen to the paper I gotta make it work
Is you gone pull up with choppas or put me in a hearse
I see hittas pray to god but never go to church
Haters hating on my grind now let them feel the hurt
They say Mucci what you don’t not gone make it bro!
But I got rappers on the line who wanna feature tho?
Momma want me to make it so imma make it though
I put mind on the money, money on my mind
They say Mucci change but that gone take a lil time
Because if I change then I really got to stop the grind
Can’t stop the grind cause a youngin really gotta shine
Can’t mess with slimes cause they grimmy lot of waste of time
Pray to god to hit a lick obsession with the bread
Not too much bread before they try to come and take my head
Lil Mucci you spittin but is you really facts
Of course I’m spitting facts that’s why a yougin have to really snap
They sleeping on a uzi so I had to bring it back
For me to like the uzi had to hit a double tap
That’s yo dime take your girl then I break her back
I was struggling important so I had to mention
In the game I was grinding you was always benching
(Uh yeah)You was always benching
And that’s that real deal and that’s that real spill
And that’s that real Spill and that’s that real deal

Real Spill we do numbers (gleece) homie we do numbers
Real Spill we going ape this summer (2X)
Real Spill this ain’t stopping
Nah this ain’t stopping (2X)
Real Spill this ain’t stopping
Nah this ain’t stopping (NOOO)

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