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"Mount Vesuvius"

[Intro: Nappy]

[Hook: 6x]
Click, clack gun SPLAT

[Verse 1: IATG]
Money$Team kill your crew n*gga we don't give a f*ck
Money$Team real hot n*gga, shoot you in the butt
n*gga we got that fire, ya'll n*ggas got pliers
If ya'll n*ggas burnin rubber n*gga that make us the tires
Yeah: we hotter than the sun too
We radiate ya'll n*ggas even with the damn sun roof
We stay flyer than a fly thing, colder than a fly ring
n*gga I'm so hot, I can't even touch my things

[Verse 2: J-Franks]
Frizzy is the spawn of the sun, I'm too hot, see
You circ*mscribed, thick headed like a neo nazi
Skin heads gettin' sweaty with the heat Money$Team brings
Lots of Heat references, but LeBron still don't got any rings
Money$Team already blew up, the new Mount Vesuvius
Structure my rhymes so well, call me the new Vitruvius
Delirious rappers gettin' serious with the rhymes we cop
We usin' lava stepping stones, make sure we never drop

[Verse 3: Supa Dupa Jesus]
Uhh I live on the sun; I’m what makes it hot
b*tches grab my lollipop; use it to light their pot
Yeahhhh, formed Hawaiian Islands, ended that Pompeii
So hot b*tches want drinks on their head: Dom-pée
Yeah f*ck wasabi, this that molten rock
So fly n high, not even god could c*ck block
So fly, b*tches earn frequent flyer miles
Keep it hot, never mild: tongue in the butt all wild

[Verse 69: iceberg]
Herman Cain ain't got nothing on me
Earnin' brain correctly: chivalry
Vesuvius down her throat - gurgle it
Ice managin like a goat - Bergevin
I'm jordan - a titanic dunker who is icy
Still hotter than NOLA in the upper nineties
I am on the books everywhere: kindles
I keep all kinds of Greens stocked up: pickles

[Outro: IATG]
Yeah n*ggas you already know what it is
This goes out to all my n*ggas in the projects
All my n*ggas not in the projects
My n*gga iceberg, he stay on that real sh*t, I can feel it
To all my n*ggas ridin' in Maybachs
If they ain't got no car, it's motor music n*gga
To all my n*ggas on the east side
All my n*ggas on the west side, you know what it is
YOu already know n*ggas, ya tu sabes n*ggas
Shout out my man Illegal weapons and Stan The muthaf*ckin man
Shout out RySarm and the whole Starvation movement n*ggas
All my n*ggas on the north side, south side n*ggas
All my n*ggas in the middle side, you know what it is n*ggas
All my n*ggas in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten and Long Island n*ggas
The world is yours n*ggas
My n*ggas all over
Shout out 3M and the Murda team, they ain't n*ggas though
My n*gga T-Bone, my n*gga Black Fog
My n*gga Dirty D, my n*gga UPI, my n*gga Frog head
My n*gga Q-Wop, my n*gga H-Bomb, all my n*ggas
You know who you are n*ggas, keep it real n*ggas
Obey your thirst until it hurts
Obey it, don't hate it
Sendin n*ggas to heaven in 011
You know what it is, keepin it real
Peace out dogs

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