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"I'm A Star"

I'mma Star
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hold up!

[Verse 1]
I’m setting up some action on the iPhone
She a headache to her man but yeah she my shone
Ima ride this b*tch until the tires gone
And have that b*tch screaming like a new Plies song
Hey, I’m no longer banned out of take one
My lil homie on them zans and me I stay blunted
Oh sh*t Berg back f*cking with them beans
When that n*gga sticken you might see em riding through the beans
n*gga i’m in the same section as the killers is
You play with me you might just get your whole banana split
And I ain’t gotta get dirty n*gga you got a price n*gga
My outfit worth more than your life n*gga

I'mma star make a wish
Nine times I could ten I could take ya b*tch
A n*gga full I’m bout to take a sh*t
All you haters get you cameras out and take a pic
Light show my ice bright as hell
I got a watch but the time I can barely tell
I'mma star n*gga make a wish
Nine times out of ten I could take you b*tch

[Verse 2]
Just do your homework
And ask about me fool
And they'll tell you how these young n*ggas round me goon
And go ask them b*tches how we do em
I dribble for a lil bit than pass em ...alley hoop
Fast lane I'm getting brain in a Audi coupe
Holding the 30 thousand dollars watch out the roof
Living life that’s what the f*ck is called
And I ain’t caring bout what them haters say n*gga f*ck em all
They come too close they better duck and dodge
These rounds that i’m sending man this ruger ain't’ f*cking off
Steady thuggin like i’m above the law a couple jews or retainers so i’m guarantee the charge
Or I might go and grab the stick and hit up your block
Just to make sure my damn aim is up to par
Last year they said I was suppose to get indicted
But instead i’m getting head on a f*cking island


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