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"Squares Out Ya Circle"

You got people that surround you
They gon' try they best to down you
Keep them square up out ya circle
What don't kill you is gon' hurt you
And it's only gon' get worser
It's only gon' get

[Verse 1:Ice Berg]
Ay listen I can't f*ck with f*ck n*ggas
It's like they want me stuck with 'em
And no we ain't related so please don't call me bruh n*gga
This is for the one that got snitched on
And all the n*ggas who did long
Who got sh*tted on and got a list of the ones
They ain't f*cking with when they get home
See all I need is my weed lit and a freak b*tch that eat di*k
I'd rather ride around with her than a n*gga that sneak diss
My bands up and I'm iced out my crib laid and my jit straight
Got damn I build all these sh*t right here off mixtapes
See I'm on my way yea I'm still I'm on my way
When I'm gon' get there? sh*t I'm proud I got to get here
Them n*ggas broke I'm in fifth gear
So just sit there while I get rich
And if the world don't end I promise your ass
Ima make you hate me this year
In other words sh*t real and I can't let them ---
And ain't no way ima let me fold
And a n*ggas got homeboy that'll take yo life
And I can't do sh*t but try to do better
Answer their calls but send some cheddar
And tell they hoes to send some letters
But when you go feds them hoes get fed up


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