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"A Milli (Freestyle)"

[Ice Berg]
I'm good
I'm feeling like I ain't needing no one
This b*tch so mediocre
If it ain't legit, I ain't listenin
They gon know me a donor

I aims it b*tch, He keep on playing
Then I'mma have to show em
I'm made for this, I go the spraying
I know that whip gon show up
Thats when I bust a couple more rounds
That b*tch gon blow up
300 shots, I swear to Gawd
That b*tch might just look over!

Berg dumping, they running
That choppa humming
I'm coming
Bystanders ducking
Slugs eat em like they lunches
My goons leave em like its nothing
n*ggas still ain't bout that slum sh*t
Hey you ain't know?
Berg famous! You dumb b*tch!

I'm in love with that clap and that drum kit
One time for PSU, them n*ggas on that dumb sh*t
In the Beams and the Subs, 100 deep is one click
Them G's and them thugs over here, but if you dont fit

Plus the bad b*tches
Black flag, black fitted
I f*ck grills up, just call me a bad dentist
I f*ck cribs up, Ice Berg a homewrecker
f*ck your boyfriend lil mama. I got my own cheddar
I dont give a f*ck if its cold!
Use your own sweater
Baby I'm a pimp
If you dont like it, find your old n*gga

I'm a cold n*gga
If you tryna blow, I blow n*gga
I'm a pro, I'm recording on dro n*gga
I pay for so many murders, that I owe n*ggas
We let em talk on Myspace, then we expose n*ggas

Windows tented, this stick fold b*tches
We dont get along like Juicy and my old b*tches
I've been snapping for a minute
If you want me, come and get it
My shirt poked out, like my waist got titties
I don't chase bad henny
I just take pennies
Nickels, dimes, quarters, it dont matter
I'mma make plenty

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