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"Intro (They Callin)"


Um, I, I think I've been attacked more than I deserve but that's all good to me
Cause I always been a five dollars, always been a soldier, always been a struggler
Can't nothing stop me but death itself. Stick to yourself, trust nobody. Trust nobody


Strictly for the Streets 3
Live House Life
Smoking weed, f*cking b*tches
And bombing on b*tch ass n*ggas
That's how I sum it up
Let's go

[Verse 1]

Hey look, I could have came on dissing n*ggas
Rapping bitter, talking about all my problems
But truth be told aside from all the bullsh*t
n*gga Iceberg still been ballin'
f*cking these hoes
Living my life
Getting high, getting that cash
The other night I went to sleep on two bad b*tches from too much weed and hash
All this money out here and you still hating
What the f*ck is wrong with your brain
For me to fall off, they're still waiting
Like they don't see me doing my thing
I'm on the top floor, drinking top shelf
Getting top from a b*tch named Tania
And her boyfriend got more than me
But she over here getting slaughtered
And if somebody hack my iPhone
I know a lot of girls who wanna kill me
Cause the sh*t I got on my photo safe just right down f*cking filthy
I'm a true champ
The Prada pimp
The Polo blear, that's me
I just really started f*cking with Versace
Hell that's what I did for a whole week
Homie I'm that n*gga
Cause everything I ma get mine
And I'm getting that sh*t off the muscle
And don't get sassy
If he ain't rocking with me
Then that's your bad n*gga f*ck you
I started from the bottom and I'm aiming on top
And single handedly I put my city on lock
The real young n*ggas in my state by far
So a b*tch can't tell me she ain't gone rock, huhhh
And the money getting to me so I can't lie I changed
But when you go through all the sh*t I went through
It's kind of hard to stay the same
The death threats, the f*ck n*ggas
While trying to maintain your image
And you don't know if he a fan and want a picture
Or he really plotting to kill you, preach


Turn it up on you f*ck n*gga
Count money right
And the doors been up
But you know that
Hold up
Hold up
Hold up

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