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"Laughin' at Ya"

Some of y'all n*ggas need to call your wife and your chaperone
Right motherf*cking now
Ya know why (Why, they got to call em why, why)
Cause the party's over dog (why, why, why)
Fire starters up in this motherf*cker here
(fire starters who the hell is that)
Fire starters is them n*ggas from MIA
(MIA I don't know sh*t bout no MIA)

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha

n*gga I don't give a f*ck if your vest be on
When I spit one in your chest be gone
Y'all n*ggas done f*cked up, y'all wanna test me huh
I make y'all spit the sh*t y'all got and wanna blast me what!

Y'all motherf*ckers know me, homie
The one and only
Sick beef stick to your b*tch like baloney, homie
Me and chapter's more then Chromies, homie
Like we swim in the sauce like we Chef Ravioli

I blaze these tracks with amazing raps
Bet y'all say who the f*ck is that
Two twenty-five sport ice twice your size
Look at my clique
When we ride it's like icersize
Blind shine n*gga

[Luc Duc]
It's so true n*gga
When I'm broke I come and bust at you n*gga
When I'm horny I can take your trick from you n*gga
Peep game n*ggas
Y'all can't f*ck wit us (wit us)

[Luc Duc (Others)]
We roll through like semis
What's that smoke trees coming from the M-I
(We laughing at ya)
Ha, Ha, (You f*ck with us)
Ha, Ha, (Dumb b*tch)

We roll through like semis
What's that smoke trees coming from the M-I
(We laughing at ya)
Ha, Ha, (We bucking at ya)
Ha, Ha, (Die n*gga)

n*gga, we pop bottles and shells
Find us in south bay
Getting lit in custom model V-12s
We pimp and got models for sale
pus*y hot at the tail
Born to goggle di*ks with throats deeper then whales
Don't call me Jehovah cause I only offer you hell
f*ck casket shopping and n*gga seal your coffin with nails

[Stage McCloud]
How many times must I tell everybody?
You not ready for Stage or my shottie
I send cats to heaven with guides like Scottie
Shut down blocks like Compton House Parties (that's right)
All you average Joes are straight sloppy
Poppi call me HIV you can't stop me

Y'all n*ggas really don't know me
I Chill on the side like your chrome be
Blowing up sh*t like the phone be
Do my dirt all by my lonely
Taking that cheese like macaroni


[Luc Duc]
Throw it up; if you feel you can thug like me
Take a bud light it up and get high like me
Take a trick lift her thighs lick her clit like me
Take a Glock lick back and bust shots like me

[Tony Manshino]
It's the motherf*cking K-I with the N-G in me
So call me ageless struggle Professor na, na Tree P

[Stage McCloud]
Y'all know we more clits then four dykes straight up
Beef with us might get you laid up or sprayed up
For real I'm sicker then flu season
No reason
We pull gats till we see heavy breathing

I'm bout to drop a dime on ya like a snitch to the feds
Take my sh*t in doses it might just f*ck up your head
Beat this game now and all I'm seeing is red
And a bunch dead motherf*ckers when I sliced your head

Yo, yo, yo
I never stop folks
I squeeze till they brain on the condo
These n*ggas probably thinking like oh this from a model
I'm a trife ho
May I sight mighty tight?
Just know I'll blow your ass up quicker then Heidi Flight
Cause I'm the sh*t on this mic
Y'all n*ggas better off slinging di*k to your wife


(Ha, Ha in the background)

This how we putting down for the y2 grand n*gga
Straight for the M-I-A
Iconz n*gga
Dirty, Dirty south style
Yeah n*gga
Representing all of Dayd County
To New York City to Open Lot
Atlantic City
Little Haiti
All my n*ggas from the OT
All my thugs from the grill
To Doon
The O city
Around to the Keys
All my get money n*ggas
All my take money b*tches
All my bust a slug thugs for those who show no love

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