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Brian McKnight


Yo, Yo, Yo

{Verse1:Lil Rian}
Let me be yo fantasy
And tell you what i see (uh huh)
Visions of you and me
Walking down the street (ha ha)
Holding hands me as yo man
Thats the plan
Understand that i do
Whatever i can
To make you smile make you grin
When you f*cking with Lil Rian
I earn my spot
For you to let me in
Never a hit and run (Nope)
I gotta hit again
Give you di*k worth talking bout
And make you tell yo friends (ha haa)
Hold you tight stroke it right til the very end
(uh huh)

Im going to touch your body
Wrap your arms around me
Im going to be your fantasy your dream come true
Im gonna taste your loving
And make you my only woman
Im gonna love you love you love you
Baby i belong to you

{Verse 2: Lil Rian}
Got a lot to offer
Im a c*cky n*gga (uh huh)
Once you let me in that pus*y
Im the only n*gga (You Know it)
Hitting it licking it sticking it
We can try something different
Long as you with it
Serve you in the kitchen
And i ain't talking chicken (nah)
We can do the dirty dishes
pus*y wetter than the ocean
I got the surfboard
Other n*ggas can't handle yo waves (nope)
They go overboard
And im overboard with them positions (got many)
Good for any game
Coach are you tripping
Im the one you been missing
A fantasy a destiny
Other n*ggas ain't f*cking with me like Mary's Virginity (Uh Un)
Make you wanna marry me cuz its only one of me
I be
Lil Rian Hefner with a PhD (ha haa)
Alotta n*gga wish they could
Do it like me
Alotta woman wish they could (whoa)
Do it to me
I see
Way far
Than the average eye
Man as yo man
And you by my side
And if that dont fit
Let me have you for the night


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