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Brian McKnight

"I'll Take Her (feat. Ill Al Skratch)"

Yeah, it's Al Skratch, that real smooth brother
The undercover lover makin moves on your mother
If I have to, it's only natural, that I rap to
Any girl walkin through my hood if she's lookin good

And if she's somethin fine, I'll be humpin hind
Let's get it on, ain't nuthin wrong, with a little Bump N Grind
(Bump N Grind) Now that's what my man say
Sometimes I lay in my bed, and I dream of bein hand-fed

I made the jam, with my man, about the _Homiez_
But now I must remember all about my tenderonis
You're lonely by your homey baby I know how you're feelin
You in the mood for some Sexual Healing (sexual healing!)

Walk in to the jump I spot you as the music's blarin
Starin, but not - carin, about, what you - wearin
You're full grown with a mind of your own
I make you moan as my bone turn brick like stone

Whether you're single we can mingle as you jingle
Swing low, with the black Mandingo
I be the dough money-maker rump-shaker
To the bedroom I said "hmm I'll take her"

[Chorus] [Repeat each line twice]
[BM] If you don't want her don't waste her time
[BM] Said if you don't want her don't waste her time
Don't waste her time, don't waste no time
[BM] Said if you don't want her don't waste her time
[BM] Said if you don't want her don't waste her time
I'll take her, I'll take her

Yeah, well it's Big Ill, silly me, I puff the Phillie G
I make your body move, get smooth like Billy Dee
Get you hopin, make you beg for the third leg twice
'Cause I _Make it Funky_ like my name was Greg Nice

Hit you off, then I'm ghost somethin proper-like
Two things I never do: fall in love or drop a mic
I'm Big Ill, now you know my style I'm glad you came
I give your man a pound, then I ask you what's your name

(What's your name baby?) Sign a autograph, then I step w/ my staff
To the hotel, hope everything goes swell
That's what you say as I sway on my way to my room
Crazy deep, don't sleep I keep the poom poom.. jockin

Clockin, knockin out the box when, I perform
That's why the girlies they swarm to see Big Ill
Later on that night at the arena
I seen her, tryin to get backstage between the

n*ggas I was wit and the security, she didn't
Lookin from a distance I see her booty's hittin (oh yes babe)
Stagger to the barricade and bag her as I grab her
Thinkin to myself, "Aiyyo, I got to have her"


Verse Three: Big Ill, Al Skratch
Yeah.. yeah.. I like your flow yo, do I say oh no?
And get it hittin one on one like a solo
I think not, cause it ain't no fun
If my homey Mr. Raspy Skratch can't get none

Hey! I be the one with the voice that's raspy
Al Skratch see, gettin downright nasty
I pass the, girls in my vicinity
Back to my man Big Ill, he got the remedy

[Chorus Repeats]

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