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Cappadonna Lyrics

Foul Weather (2016)

The Pillage 2 (2016)

Eyrth, Wynd & Fyre/Love, Anger & Emotion (2013)

Shaolin Prince (2013)

The Answer (2013)

The King Kong of New York (2008)

Iconoclast (2007)

Learn My Name (2006)

Pro-Pain (2006)

Funeral Talk (The Eulogy) (2004)

Live Coverage (2003)

Love, Hell or Right (Da Come Up) (2003)

The Lex Diamond Story (2003)

The Genuine Article (2001)

Wu-Chronicles (1999)

5 Styles of Shaolin EP (1998)

The Andidote (1998)

Acknowledge Greatness

Cash & Grams

Hood Music

Tricks of the Trade

Other Songs

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