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Phoenix Lyrics

Artillery EP (2019)

Fior Di Latte (A. G. Cook Remix) (2019)

Late (2019)

Мир паука (Spider World) (2019)

Мы танцуем на костях (We dance on the bones) (2019)

Режиссер (Producer) (2019)

Copycat (2018)

Queen (2018)

SLCTA (2018)

Перерождение (Rebirth) (2018)

Super 17 (2017)

Trying To Be Cool (A-Trak Remix) (2016)

Now You See Me (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2013)

Take a Ride (2013)

Trying to Be Cool (Asadinho Vocal Remix) (2013)

Alien Technology (2011)

Take (2011)

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (2009)

LOVE Cartier (2008)

Flash / Electro Rush (2007)

Alt. Versions 2006 (2006)

Consolation Prizes (Single) (2006)

if i ever feel better (2003)

too young (2003)

Too Young (single) (1999)

Alone on Christmas Day

Chances EP

It's Never Been Like That (Deluxe Edition)

Life Under the Influence

Room 13

Through the Looking Glass (Зазеркалье)

Xan Queen

Other Songs

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