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Kool G Rap Lyrics

Forever M.C. (2018)

Soul Assassins: Dia Del Asesinato (Diamond Edition) (2018)

Respect Is Earned Not Given (2017)

Waves R Us (2017)

Global Connection Vol.2 (2016)

The Urban Hitchcock LP (2015)

A New Nightmare Presents: The Horrorcore Mixtape (Part 2) (2014)

Same Game New Rules (2014)

The Cutting Room Floor 3 (2013)


The Mushroom Cloud Effect (2013)

Ghosts in the Room (2012)

De Cerebri Mortis (2011)

The Glorification of Gangster (2011)

Rare Play Volume II (2009)

Z-Biscellaneous 2009 (2009)

J-Love Presents Kool G Rap - The Originator (Mixtape) (2008)

The Next Step (2008)

The Giancana Story (2002)

In E-Money Bags We Trust (1999)

Stay Strapped (1997)

Give 'Em the Finger (1993)

In Control, Vol. 2: For Your Steering Pleasure (1991)

Bring it On

Broken Chains

Crazy Like a Foxxx (Demo Version)

Legendary Cypher


Pre-Kill Vol. 2

Simply Poetry

Son of a Junkie

Vietnam Kidz/Devil's Workshop single

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