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LL Cool J Lyrics

G.O.A.T. 2. (2016)

Hip Hop Basics Vol. 3 : Golden Years (Ep.2) 1993-1997 (2015)

We Are The World (2010)

Teenage Love Affair (Single) (2008)

The Best of Keith Sweat: Make You Sweat (2004)

Juice CD #021 (2002)

Fubu - The Good Life Compilation (2001)

G.O.A.T. (The Greatest of All Time) (2000)

Take A Bite Outta Rhyme: A Rock Tribute to Rap (2000)

Deep Blue Sea: Music From The Motion Picture (1999)

The Rapsody Overture: Hip Hop Meets Classic (1997)

H.E.A.L. - Civilization Vs. Technology (1991)

Strictly Business (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1991)


Armageddon - The Last Day For Rappers

E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) 2: End of the World

Mr. Versatile (Introducing The Painter) digitape

Pink Friday

She Is (CD Single)/Let's Talk About It

Other Songs

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