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Birdman Lyrics

All Eyez on 3 (2019)

From the Bayou (2019)

Summer Pack - Single (2018)

2 Weeks No Diss (2017)

Calvinism 3: Reloaded (2017)

Imma Zoe (single) (2017)

Hit Hard, Move Silent (2015)

A Long Story Short (2014)

Universe (2014)

NBA 2K13 Soundtrack (2012)

The Timeless Audemars Piguet Collection (2010)

Where Did The Sun Go? (2010)

Cortez (2009)

Custom Cars & Cycles (2009)


Soft White (2009)

5 * Stunna (2007)

Still Writing in My Diary: 2nd Entry (2004)

Baby Boy: Music From the Motion Picture (2001)

The Black Widow (2000)


Shinin' & Bigtymin' (1999)

Audio Sedative (1995)

The Bloody City (1995)

True Story (1995)

187 in a Hockey Mask (1994)

Powder $hop - EP (1994)

I Need A Bag Of Dope (1993)

Bussen Heads & Gettin' Paid

Cash Money Records Presents: From Tha Briks

Cradle 2 the Grave

free mha homies

HiTunes young thug

I Steal I Don't Kill ????????

king of the jungle

Rich Gang

Rich Gang 2: The Lifestyle

the blue martian

The Carter #2 Mixtape (Like Father, Like Son)

The Second Coming (U.S. Version)


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